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July 2005

Automating the Collections Process

Collections operations want to do what it takes to help individuals settle their debts, often without the help of live agents. What tools are helping?
June 2005

Buyers Bank on Canada's Debt

Five banks dominate the Canadian market, but all are hesistant to sell their bad debt. American lenders operating there aren't as shy. What's the outlook for Canadian debt sales?
May 2005

The Online World of B2B Credit Reports

With online reports, users have updated information at their fingertips.
April 2005

High Points for Credit Scoring

With generic scores becoming antiquated, credit-scoring providers are focusing on new offerings. How are these models helping creditors make better decisions?
March 2005

Getting Connected

As call centers strive to operate more efficiently, how are enhancements to dialing strategies and VoIP technology changing the way they operate?
February 2005

Maneuvering Through the Maze

Tracking down debtors who’ve moved or prefer to disappear can be like navigating through a labyrinth, with all its blind alleys. What are the latest tools and techniques to locate elusive debtors?
January 2005

Debt Buying Industry: Giants Set the Pace

Investors funding debt buyers are courting not only the industry’s Goliaths, but the little guys too. How is the boom in financing affecting the business?
December 2004

Building Better Relationships

Good customer service is key in the B2B world. It helps retain customers and makes collecting accounts easier. How are new features in commercial collections software bridging the gap between CRM and collections?
November 2004

What's the Score in Credit Scoring?

The credit-scoring business widened its reach in recent years — from moving into new financial fields to going international. What's driving the expansions?
September 2004

Privacy & Security in the Spotlight

With new privacy regulations and a rise in identity theft, call centers are boosting up efforts to prevent security leaks. What new technology is helping them protect customer data and follow the rules?
August 2004

Skip Tracers: Keeping One Step Ahead

In the crowded skip tracing market, vendors are constantly working to stay ahead of the curve. The latest focus is on easy integration and customization, as well as working to provide new sources of information.
July 2004

Collections Software: Back to the Basics?

Collections and recovery software is evolving to meet changing needs in the market — including the debt-buying boom — but some say it`s important not to lose the human element of collecting on debts.
June 2004

Debt Buyers in the Public Eye

Two years into a boom, the debt sales industry shows hints of slowdown even as a growing group of public buyers report generally positive financials.
May 2004

Smarter Tools for B2B Credit

Integrated functions, plus a big picture view of customers, are key elements in software designed to boost commercial credit and collections.
April 2004

Custom Built

Custom scoring models became popular with credit grantors a few years ago. What types of custom models are being built today to boost collections?
March 2004

Better Connections

Affected by the consumer revolt against telemarketing, many collections operations are exploring new ways to reach and work with consumers. How is call center technology helping?
February 2004

Sleuths Incorporated

Lower costs, richer resources, and smoother connections to collections software systems are making it possible to skip trace even smaller accounts. Still, there are new challenges.
January 2004

Debt Buyers: Leaders of the Pack

The latest list of buyers ranked by purchases and revenue include some shuffling at the top, but Sherman Financial Group still comes out on top.
December 2003

The Anti-Fraud Battle Rages On

Fraud prevention and detection tools are currently hot. Still, keeping ahead of the perpetrators is no easy task.
November 2003

Collections Software: Beyond Automation

Vendors of collections software are always devising new ways to help collections agencies and law firms become more efficient at collecting debt. What are they up to now?
October 2003

Stacks and Stacks of Letters

Are lettershop and mailing services, the workhorses of the collections industry, plowing new fields?
September 2003

Not Your Father’s Call Center

The economy and trickle-down regulations have some collections experts advocating redesigns for collections call centers. How is technology changing the business?
August 2003

E-Billing and E-Payment Gather Steam

But are there twists and turns in the roadbed ahead?
July 2003

Where the Jobs Are

Credit and collections operations are playing a more prominent role in business today. Has that caused an upswing in demand for credit and collections professionals?
June 2003

Debt Merchants: From Main Street To Wall Street

Shopping for places to put their money, investors are creating a debt-buying market renaissance. Who are the players?
May 2003

Credit Risk Protection

In this wobbly economy, is the demand for credit insurance – to shield creditors from too much risk – picking up?
April 2003

Commercial Scoring Makes the Grade

Commercial risk scoring models, once thought inferior, are quickly gaining traction as lenders find themselves processing an influx of new credit applications via the Internet.
March 2003

Bankruptcy Boom Brings Product Tweaks

While bankruptcy filings set records, lenders want to curb new product spending, leading to a shortage of new services. Instead, vendors are upgrading existing products.
February 2003

Letting Consumers Know the Score - and More

Credit bureaus have begun focusing on the consumer as a customer. Will the transition boost their bottom line?
January 2003

Hot on the Trail

Sniffing out debtors is critical for collectors. How have new privacy rules changed skip tracing and what are the latest challenges?
December 2002

The Credit BureausíPush Into Foreign Markets

While countries such as China and Russia are rapidly developing a reliance on credit, poorly developed credit reporting is slowing their advance. What will it take to clear the path?
November 2002

Agencies Climbing the Collections Food Chain

Collections firms are handling accounts earlier than ever. Some are doing everything from credit activation thru post-chargeoff collections. How’s it working?
October 2002

E-Learning: Charting a Steady Course

E-Learning is gaining ground, but by itself, it’s not always the best answer. What’s the secret to making it a success?
September 2002

Solving the Call Center Efficiency Puzzle

Call centers have always been a labor-intensive environment. As a result, the introduction of any technology that can increase agent productivity has been welcomed with open arms. And technology has revolutionized the way call centers operate: from power dialers that can be programmed to call by time zone, and electronic call logs that provide agents with the outbound call history of an account, to Web pages that allow inbound access by the debtor.
August 2002

Fighting Fraud At the Front End

Vendors are rolling out a new arsenal of anti-fraud weapons designed to keep fraudsters at armís length.
July 2002

Standing Out in a Crowd

New economy leads to new head-hunting tactics.
June 2002

Portfolio Grooming:
Portfolio Grooming's Shaping Up

The growing sophistication of portfolio grooming tools helps determine more accurately the return on investment of working charged-off accounts, as well as their value on the open market.
May 2002

Credit Insurance:
A Corporate Security Blanket

In shaky economic times, companies look to insurers to give them protection and minimize their credit risk so top executives can sleep at night.
April 2002

Custom Scoring Gains Ground

Increasingly, credit grantors are developing credit-scoring models that fit their customer base.
March 2002

Software Innovations Net Better Collections

A slew of new software applications make it easier for collections agencies to exchange information with credit grantors via the Web, receive debtor payment via the Internet, and boost employee productivity.
Febrnuary 2002

Commercial Credit Bureaus: Keeping an Eye on Business

The commercial credit reporting industry has made great strides in providing better commercial credit reports quickly and at a low price - much to the delight of credit managers.
January 2002

Sleuths' Top Tools

Web-based skip-tracing and asset-location solutions may be glitzier than CD-ROMs and paper-based directories, but end users still place a premium on freshness of data and price when choosing their weapons.
December 2001

Credit Insurers: The Road Ahead

Property, casualty, and business-interruption insurers are taking a beating following the destruction of the World Trade Center. How are credit insurers doing?
November 2001

Moving Upstream

As outsourcing grows, what ensures a win-win relationship?
October 2001

Funding Your Next Deal

There's still capital looking for deals, but the momentum has shifted. Venture capital and private equity firms are in the driver's seat. Still, the collections industry is better off than most.
September 2001

Training Translates To Higher Returns

A recent study says training can boost the bottom line, and agency execs say it can aid in retaining staff. What's not to like?
August 2001

Lending Abroad: The Credit Concept Spreads

How are overseas credit bureaus and bureaucrats doing at establishing useful credit reporting systems?
July 2001

Talent Search Tips

Finding and keeping collections managers has never been easy, but with a little help from a headhunter you may get what you need.
June 2001

Portfolio Grooming

How to decide which loans to hold, which to fold, and which to sell?
May 2001

Phone Home

Investment in call center hardware and software is key to every collections company's success. So what's new in call center systems?
April 2001

Telling Consumers Their Credit Scores

Will they really benefit? And how are lenders reacting?
March 2001

Internet Makes An Impact

Collections software vendors weigh the consequences an Internet-driven society will have in the collections world.
February 2001

Hide `n Seek

Will skip tracing get easier with the flood of free information on the Internet, or more difficult with the rash of privacy legislation? Either way, traditional tracing vendors face a formidable combo of challenges. How are they coping?
January 2001

Getting a Line On Lending

Commercial credit bureaus are adapting to the online world, meeting the demand for instant information on companies of all sizes, public and privately held, both inside and outside the U.S. But how are they coping with the keen competition?
December 2000

They've Got Your Number

Electronic directory assistance services are essential everyday tools for collectors. How are they changing in an Internet world?
November 2000

Integrating Accounts Receivable Management Services

The market for software geared to help collections agencies and collections law firms manage accounts receivables and collections had its genesis in the 1980s. With the advent of the desktop computer it became feasible for even small firms to use computers to manage accounts with the aid of software specifically designed to aid them in their business.
October 2000

Checks in an Electronic Age

As consumers persist in writing checks, credit-and-collections executives are embracing new means of accepting, verifying, and guaranteeing them, methods spawned in an electronic age.
August 2000

A Debt Market In Transition

The landscape of the distressed-debt market is constantly changing. Buyers and sellers are now dabbling in commercial paper, reselling accounts, performing transactions in cyberspace, and becoming savvier about the deals they strike.
June 2000

New Horizons for Commercial Collectors

The emergence of dot.com companies is creating new revenue streams for commercial collections agencies, as other outsourcing and highly specialized services continue to be hot trends in business collections.
April 2000

Fighting Fraud In Cyberspace

The surge of online credit card transactions is breeding a new generation of criminals. But retailers and other businesses now have new tools to combat cyberspace crimes.
March 2000

The Art of Building Deals

As industry consolidation creates bigger and bigger agencies, the need for financing is critical. Who puts these deals together, anyhow?
February 2000

Skip Tracers Seek Out a Specialty Niche

The Internet has revolutionized the ancient art of skip tracing, placing electronic do-it-yourself power in end-usersí hands. So why are more traditional vendors happy?

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